Month: October 2017

Older news

Presentation at Composit New Music Festival in the Electronic Music Seminar (July 2016)

Presentation of the Mi-iM project @ Ircam Forum Workshop in São Paulo (11/15)

Presentation of the Mi-iM project @ M.I.T. for the Sync Project (09/15)

Presentation of the Mi-iM project @ Plymouth University, UK at the Brain Computer Music Interface Workshop (program) (06/15)

Sandra Shea ‘ 56 Fisher Prize for Exceptional Achievement in the Creative Arts ($1000) (05/15)

The Justice article about Michele’s Electro-acoustic class (03/15)

RAI Radio Televisione Italiana: National Radio broadcast of Variazioni su AlDo ClEmenti within the Radio3 Suite Classical Music Program (10/14)

Composit 2014: Performance of Studi su stEpHen wolFrAm, in Palazzo Dosi, Rieti, Italy (07/14)

WQXR: Variations  broadcast on “Off the Grid” hosted by Suzanne Farin (06/14)