Month: July 2020

Dakota State University

Locked In

Etudes for Marimba and Electronics

This piece is written around the idea of rhythms oscillating around regular and irregular pulses. In particular, the different parts are generated by applying the idea of “non-linear sequencing,” i.e. distorting the playback of a regular pattern by applying a non-linear time-line. There is no large structure in this piece but it is though as a collection of Etudes.

The piece was performed by I-Jen Fang and the Technosonics Festival in Charlottesville in late February 2020


This is the result of an ongoing collaboration with the German Techno artist Pistole. I am producing the visuals creating different cross-modal links between the high energy fast music and the visuals

Deep Map

Deep mapping is a technique that links music and visuals at a low-perceptual level: the two perception are deeply connected so that the sound and visual events are perceived as one. These are two examples for which I composed the and produced the music as well as the visuals.

SEAMUS 2020-Non-linear Sequencing

A paper of a library of rhythmic composition tools developed in Max